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Desk Tour 2021 -

Thanks for checking out my 2022 desk tour/update. Below you will find a detailed description of all of most of the things in my room. If I happened to miss anything or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me over on Instagram.

The Desk/Furniture: 

Uplift V2 Commercial Frame

The desk frame is from the company Uplift Desk. My desk is the Uplift V2 Commercial Frame with the C-Frame configuration. The desk features an impressive vertical travel range of over 25.5", fast height adjustment, one-touch operation, and individual drive motors in each leg. Both the UPLIFT V2 and UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frames are built with top of the line quality components and precision machining that is built to last. The desk frame also comes with 10-Year warranty with is MUCH better than the competitors. I opted for the advanced comfort keypad which I thought just looked a little nicer than the other options.

Butcher Block Countertop Desk Surface

I decided not to get my desk top from Uplift and went with a Butcher Block Countertop from Home Depot instead. The countertop from home depot was significantly cheaper than the ones that come from Uplift and I didn't have to worry about them getting damaged in shipping as I could pick it up locally. I went with the 6ft option that was the perfect fit for my room. Mine is finished with Mineral Oil which keeps a nice matte natural finish.

Ikea Drawers

Simple Ikea white drawers that have been a part of the setup for years. No complaints here.

Ikea Shelf

Very cheap and simple Ikea shelf that has been on the wall for years now!



Absolutely love this case for its minimalistic look and how good it looks on the desk. Unfortunately, the case was discontinued due to a safety recall so they are a little difficult to find.

Zotac RTX 2080

If you can find one at a good price..... :)

Noctua NF-A14

To make sure the H1 case stays quiet and cool on the desk, I upgraded the fan on the watercooler. This is a cheap and easy upgrade to ensure your case never sounds like a vacuum cleaner right next to you!

Samsung NVME SSD

Crazy fast storage! Only way to go if you are building a new PC and is a super easy upgrade if you are looking to up your storage game.


NOTE: My keyboard is a custom build and you can not purchase the whole thing assembled. I will have a video on my Youtube channel eventually covering the keyboard.

Ibodao ID80 Keyboard Case

I have the Grey color and also purchased the acrylic bottom plate to have the LED shows through.


Sculpted in Hi-Profile, Matt3o’s groundbreaking MT3 /dev/tty custom keycap set changed the way we type. From its heavily slanted design to the scooped, contoured tops of each cap, the set recreates the feel of vintage keyboards.

9009 Colorway Keycaps

Classic and retro colorway keycaps that are currently on the keyboard.

SA Jade Lite Keycaps (Coming Soon)

Classic and retro colorway keycaps that are currently on the keyboard

Durock L7 Linear Switches

Budget alternative to switches like: Gateron ink blacks, Novelkeys Cream, Tealios V2 switches. Durock Linear Switches are very nice and smooth, which is good for gaming and typing.

Switch Films

Cheap and simple films from Aliexpress

Switch Lube

Cheap and simple lube from Aliexpress

Switch Lube

GX16 Type C 1.5M+0.2M, White+White


BenQ Screenbar E-Reading LED Monitor Light

This light is seriously amazing, it has a mirror that bounces the light straight down so that is lights up your desk and workspace but does not create any glare on your monitor! This has been one of my favorite accessories to add to my desk and I use it every day!

BenQ Website: https://reurl.cc/XeW1X3
BenQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/UsBenq

Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse

There is not a better mouse to recommend for creatives and gamers. If you need one mouse to do it all, the MX master mice are easily the best out there! I have the MX2S but I would really recommend upgrading the to newest model, the MX Master 3.

Gray Leather Mousepad

Simple and budget friendly great looking mousepad. Durability over the first 6 months of mine has been really good.

Blue Yeticaster

Create like a pro using Yeti, the world's most popular USB mic, together with custom recording software from Presonus and advanced studio effects from iZotope. Start recording quickly with custom Yeti Studio templates for voice-overs, podcasts, and music.

Loupedeck Live

Loupedeck Live makes creating new content and managing live-streams faster and more intuitive and acts as a natural extension of your keyboard and mouse. Assign any tool or function to its customizable interface and launch your favorite applications with a simple push of a button.

Webcam Setup:

Sony A6000

Ive had this camera as a backup for years and it was supper easy to get set up as a webcam. It does only shoot in 1080P but i've found that is plenty for any video calls and for streaming as 4k video typically doesn't get used over a stream or call anyways due to bandwidth.

Sony AC Charger

Cheap and easy way to make sure your camera never runs out of battery while you use it as a webcam.

Micro HDMI to HDMI 

Different cameras will use other types of cables but this is what is needed for the Sony A6xxx and A7x cameras.

HDMI to USB Capture Card

There are a lot of options for capture cars. I grabbed a cheap one since I only needed 1080p. If you are going to stream 4K, make sure and grab one that supports 4K.

Articulating Camera Arm

I get so many questions about this! This is a simple camera friction arm with a clamp that I connect to the back of the monitor arms. There are a lot of options out there for this, this is just the one I purchased.

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